This is a list of rules you must follow or you are subject to be sentenced to a period in Azkaban Prison by an admin. Certain infractions will result in the deduction of house points for first time offenders. Repeat offenders can be sentenced to a period in Azkaban at the admin's discretion.

1. As on many Harry Potter role play sites you must be logged in to buy things at shops or your requests will be ignored

2. No fighting or being rude to other role-players.

3. You are limited to five characters. Your character cannot be a teacher or Ministry of Magic employee or Daily Prophet employee unless you get permission from an admin.This only applies to people who skip Hogwarts for that character.

4. No copying pages from other wikis. This does not include your own original characters from other role-play wikis, as long as you don't leave in dead-links.

5. Character pages should be named without titles (such as "professor", "madam", "Mr.", etc.).

6. Gringott's vaults should be named as follows ["Your Character's Name's vault (vault #)]. Use the page List of Gringotts vaults as a reference to what number your vault should be. Once it is created, list your vault on the page.

7. Characters must be original. They may not be from canon. This is considered copyright infringement. You may, however, use a canon character's first or last name. You may also tie your character into a canon character's family tree.

8. This wiki takes place in present day (currently: 2012). Plan character timelines and birthdays accordingly.

9. As this is not a fanon role-play wiki all events in Harry Potter are considered to have happened in history. One thing is fanon and that is the class of wandlore.

10. Advertising of other wikis or any other website or product in general is strictly forbidden on this wiki unless you are an administrator and have gotten permission from an administrator on that wiki.

11. In turn, advertising of this wiki on any other wiki whose policy states that advertising is forbidden will result in a ban on this wiki if we get wind of it.

12. If one of your characters is a professor, please note that professors on this wiki are limited to teaching two classes maximum.