Welcome to Ravenclaw! Here are a few things you should know.

Founder of House: Rowena Ravenclaw

Head of House: Professor Andrew Clarke

Here is a list of current Ravenclaws:

Here is a list of former students who were sorted into Ravenclaw:

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Course Schedule for RavenclawsEdit

Care of Magical Creatures: weeks 1-4 (Third Years +)

Divination: weeks 1-4 (Third Years +)

Defence Aginst the Dark Arts: weeks 2-5

Potions: weeks 2-5

Arithmancy: weeks 3-6 (Third years +)

Ancient Runes: weeks 3-6 (Third Years +)

Astronomy: weeks 4-7

Muggle Studies: weeks 4-7 (Third Years +)

Charms: weeks 5-8

Transfiguration: weeks 5-8

History of Magic: weeks 6-9

Herbology:weeks 6-9

Flying: once per week (First Years Only)

Visits to Hogsmeade: three times per year (Third Years +)

Dumbledore's Army:many times per term (Fourth Years +)

Here is the list of days of the weeks that years will take lessons on:

First Years: Sunday

Second Years: Monday

Third Years: Tuesday

Fourth Years: Wednesday

Fifth Years: Thursday

Sixth Years: Friday

Seventh Years: Saturday

  • People in the D.A. all do it on the same day