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Professor Blake Moore (User:Hpsuperfan)- Headmaster, Head of Gryffindor house, professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts and Earth Magic.

Professor Cassius Malfoy (User:JDRooDigger)- Deputy headmaster, Head of Slytherin house, professor of Potions and Alchemy.

Professor Andrea Grey (User: Hayward67)- Head of Hufflepuff house, professor of Transfiguration and Ancient Runes.

Professor Andrew Clarke (User:Outsider8357)- Head of Ravenclaw House, professor of Herbology and Astronomy

Professor Vince Potter (User:PunkRat13)- Professor of Charms and Wandlore

Professor Deither Carson (User: Cosmiggy)- Professor of History of Magic and Muggle Studies

Professor Marcus Wittman (User:ZombieChicken)- Flying Instructor

Classes and positions still available: Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, and Divination

House Points

Term will start in about one year. A tester to see how smooth the system works will start just after the new year.


House Point Hourglass
Gryffindor: 0 Points
Hufflepuff: 0 Points
Ravenclaw: 0 Points
Slytherin: 0 Points

To earn points:
Help your fellow classmates in where to go.

Pass exams.

Go on Adventures.

You lose points when you:
Break policies.

Are rude to your classmates.


Important note regarding signatures

Attention all Harrypotter-rolep wiki users. Please change your signature as shown below:

If you are a professor: Change the colors to purple and gold

If you are a head of house: Change the colors to your house's colors.

If you are a former Hogwarts student: Change the colors to your former house's colors.

If you are a current Hogwarts student: Change the colors to your house's colors.

If you have just one character, change the name in your signature to the name of that character instead of your username. If you have multiple, simply put the name of the character you're playing as in your message (Ex: From Professor Cassius Malfoy:, or -Thomas Caldwell) before your signature.

House colors are as follows:

Gryffindor: red and gold

Hufflepuff: yellow and black

Ravenclaw: blue and bronze

Slytherin: green and silver

Thank you to User:JDRooDigger for coming up with this idea. If you need help generating your signature contact User:JDRooDigger. This is not required but it would be helpful if you do for the sake of organization.

Also if you don't want to coustomize your signature you may use word bubbles. If you need help making one contact User:Hpsuperfan or click here. Use the same colors as the custom signatures.

Hogwarts Grading Scale

Pass Grades:

O (Outstanding)-- 90-100

E (Exceeds Expectations)-- 80-89

A (Acceptable)-- 70-79

Fail Grades:

P (Poor)-- 60-69

D (Dreadful)-- 50-59

T (Troll)-- below 50

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