Second Years & + this is the page where you select classes to take and to see if you can go to Hogsmeade. Select the classes you want to take and post it in the comments.This is the list. Third through Fifth years must select at least two without stars. Sixth and Seventh years must select at least three without stars. Second years and above may take Dueling (dueling club), which is operated by the four House Heads. If demand isn't great enough for a course, it will not be taught for the term.
  • Dueling (Second Years +)*
  • Care of Magical Creatures (Third Years +)
  • Arithmancy (Third Years +)
  • Divination (Third Years +)
  • Muggle Studies (Third Years +)
  • Ancient Runes (Third Years +)
  • Earth Magic (Third Years +)*
  • Visits to Hogsmeade (Third Years +)*
  • Dumbledore's Army (Fourth Years +)*
  • Alchemy (Sixth Years +)
  • Wandlore (Sixth Years +)