Hello I am Carter Potter, the British Minister for Magic. This is my vault. I am Harry Potter's distant cousin. When I attended Hogwarts, I was sorted into Ravenclaw house, unlike Harry, who was a very famous Gryffindor.

Carter Potter
Carter Potter pic
Vital statistics
Title Minister of Magic, former Auror
Gender Male
Age 55.Born on August 12,1956.Joined the M.o.M. in 1975.
Height 5ft. 6in.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Race Human (wizard)
Former House Ravenclaw
Wand Mohogany, Kelpie Hair, 13 1/4 in.
Wand Arm Right
Affiliation(s) Ministry of Magic,Auror Office,Ravenclaw,Potter family.

My distant cousin Harry Potter

  • My best colleague and Junior Minister, Charles Caldwell.
  • My favorite person, and cousin, Harry Potter
  • My favorite office in the M.o.M.,the Auror Offce
Before the Mnistry of Magic

Before HogwartsEdit

Carter was born in 1956 in London to Danny Potter and Annie Longbottom with one sister Alice Potter.He then moved to the U.S.A.When Carter turened eleven he and his family moved back to England.

At HogwartsEdit

First YearEdit

In 1967 Carter came to Howarts and met Blake Moore a sixth year who was a Gryffindor.Even though Blake was a Gryffindor they became friends.He then took all of his tests and went on to be a second year.He then went home for the summer.

Carter: "Why is History of Magic so hard?

Blake: "Professor Binns is really boring because he thinks it's still the 1400s or something."

Carter and Blake in a conversation about History of Magic

Second YearEdit

During his second year Carter rarely saw Blake due to the latter's N.E.W.T.s.Then during Christmas Carter learned that his sister, who was ten, had goten badly sick and was sent to St.Mungo's.He then asked the headmaster hif he was allowed to mis a month of school while he took care of Allice.When he got back he took his exams and went on to be a third year.

"Dear Professor Dumbledore,

My sister, Alice, is sick an I think I will have to mis a month of school to tack care of her.If I do will you let me.Please answer and return on back.


Carter's letter to the headmaster.

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Family TreeEdit

                                                                             Father:Andrew | Sibling:James | Wife:Lilly
                                                        Mother:Annie | Father:Danny                       Harry | Wife:Ginny             

Carter | Sibling:Alice

more to come.